March 10, 2009

    We have received numerous calls over the last couple of weeks asking our opinion about the Industry at large and how we see 2009 and 2010.

After 25+ years in the business, I have come to one realization.

I appreciate being consider an expert, but .......

I am still a student with more questions than answers.

One thing is for sure, it is going to be a tough year, where we are going to have to tighten our belts and do more with less.

A couple of suggestions:

  • Encourage your clients to spend, Hispanic consumers are buying and you better be talking to them.
  • Ad Agencies will need to better understand how to work  new compensation models and assignments.  Along with delivering more efficient and effective behavioral targeting models with distinctly different media alternatives.
  • Media companies cannot rest on their mass approach.  They will be required to offer unique media opportunities that deliver more efficient and effective behavioral targeted media alternatives at a lower cost.
  • Take a look at geo & behavioral targeting and local approaches.  A road map to increasing ROI and increasing your importance as an expert for clients.
  • Language and culture are defining parameters for a very complex Consumer segment.  Do not over simplify and sacrifice ROI for your clients.
  • Only because we understand language and culture does not ensure our survivability in a new era of technological advancements and alternative media consumption by US Hispanic Consumers.  Understand, consumer and integrate new media alternatives.
  • Bringing the agencies, the media and the professionals up to speed for today’s environment and ensure we continue to lead clients through the maze we call The US Hispanic Market.  A 'skillset' that requires training and comes at a cost.  Don’t be cheap on training.

Back to the original question on clarity for 2009 & 2010.

I hope for a new dawn.

Your feedback is appreciated.

Gene Bryan


Gene: Wow!!! My sentiments exactly. Saving and not spending is not the way out of this. Target your audiences, that's what I have been saying since day one. We hope to be doing the same. Thank you for your sentiments. I like the new dawn. Tomorrow always is. We have to understand who and what we are and what we are trying to accomplish. Bob Woolsey CEO Innovative Intertainment (SpanlishOnline is one of our subsidiaries)

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