April 16, 2009

   Last night, the Ad Federation of Greater Miami  (AdFed) hosted a unique event were Alma DDB’s President & CCO - Luis Miguel Messianu address a standing room only crowd about a unique subject.


Luis Miguel hit all the main points to motivate the crowd about being motivated and optimistic about our Industry, highlighting several examples of advertisers doing the same for consumers.

You should have been there.  I felt inspired, we are going to be OK in our Industry.

Then, I tried to remember how many other of our industry high ranking executives are sharing their time, experiences and knowledge in an open forum to motivate professionals in our advertising, marketing and media industries, regardless of their company affiliation.

I realized that not many.

Where is the ‘mentorship duty’ of our highly acclaimed professionals giving back to our Industry?

Kudos to Luis Miguel and the AdFed of Greater Miami.

Gene Bryan


Gene: Thank you for keeping the dialogue real. In response to your question of mentorship duty, I have found that the management style of mid-level managers at Hispanic agencies tends to be hands off with a "sink or swim" mentality; as a result, promising young talent has left for general market shops or left the industry all together. Realistically, as Hispanic market veterans leave for "greener" pastures, the responsibility rests with each of us passing the torch to a younger generation of eager and curious learners. I have received the gift of mentorship and I am grateful for those seasoned professionals that took time and energy to coach me of the years. Now is the time to share the gift of mentorship with others; they will be leading the industry in 2015 and beyond. Saludos.

Gene, Thank you for mentiontioning the event, it was an inspiring message that Luis Miguel delivered. We need to listen and appreciate the leaders in our community. We never stop learning.

I couldn't agree with you more! I want to add that it would have been so easy for Luis Miguel to show us his reel and call it a night. And frankly, we would have found that enough. Instead, he examined his own attitudes and shared his personal philosophy with friends and strangers alike. It's rare to find such a combination of creativity, humility and humanity at the top of our game. I was inspired on many levels by his presentation, and I thank you for calling attention to it.

Gene - thank you for the Kudos to our organization. Luis Miguel - thank you for your inspiring presentation. As for 'mentorship duty', it is wonderful when highly acclaimed professionals give back, but the reality is all of us are able to give back. All of us our mentors - in our industry and in our lives. A mentor is an experienced advisor or supporter. We need to realize, that we can always advise and support someone. Some times just listening to a colleague's challenges helps them determine the right path and pointing a tourist in the right direction helps them find their way. It's not that hard, you just have to be aware of those that might need a hand. Sometimes, you can get support from just being aware: Optimism, Courage and Inspiration: Captain Sullenberger, Captain Phillips and Susan Boyle. I don't know that any of them are "highly acclaimed" in their professions, but rather doing what was smart, doing what was right and just singing a song. I have never met any of them, but I appreciate their actions. By just being aware, they have been a support to me.

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