March 05, 2009

    Just two more nights. Only two more chances.  Will this be the mainstream media report on the significance of the U.S. Hispanic market that explains it’s total composition? Or will even NBC continue to wallow in the contracted, default, outlook that mainstream media seems unable to expand.

Stay hopeful and optimistic.   I have much admiration for Brian Williams and on Monday, the first night of his “We The People” feature on the broadcast of NBC’s Nightly News, he did say that there were 45 million Hispanics in the U.S.  Certainly, he wouldn’t focus solely on the foreign born, immigrant segment of the total population.   Surely, he knows that there exist U.S. born Hispanics and even ones that work, but not in construction, or agriculture or kitchens.

NBC will come through. NBC owns Telemundo you know. Indubitably, they recognize the full scope of Telemundo’s audience.

Yes!  Plenty of reason to remain buoyant.

Just two more nights!

Tony Ruiz
The Vidal Partnership


I am going to continue on with the title of Tony's post...Hopeful and Optimistic. All of the short comings mentioned in the other posts are accurate yet I still want to see the glass half full. We specialize in direct marketing where most of our customers or prospects are not based in the big cities, and they really are ignorant of the changing market place. If you visit the Direct Marketing Association's big events you only see about 20 Latinos and about 15 Blacks...out of 5,000 attendees! Given this state of awareness, I am happy to see anything that focuses on the Hispanics. Sure more time should have been alloted and more explanations given, but I really believe that something is better than nothing in this case. Hopefully it might make things a little easier for all of us. Michael Michael Saray Hispanic Marketing

Hispanics have come a log way and we have a longer way to go. Those that have the vision and the courage to market to Hispanics know full well it's no cake walk but if you do it right and you do it well you can make a lot of money. I have started this series on the topic in the local site of the AMA Victor Escalante

I would temper any and all expectations of NBC. While the parent company and broadcast units report negative financial results they (NBC) have an opportunity to grow their viewers serve a growing audience and a license to print $ with the Telemundo Network. The NBC network doesn't understand the scope and either do ABC and CBS networks!

Two more nights and we'll see if Brian Williams & NBC get it. The U.S. Hispanic market is becoming more and more sophisticated in its purchasing patterns. At least we know that, but do the corporations? Does the media? When I first started in this market I remember calling on the marketing directors at Mrs. Baird's bread and they were so incredibly surprised when I informed them, and presented research, that Hispanics are major purchasers of bread. They were astounded that we ate something other than Tortillas. The insurance companies couldn't believe that we could understand the universal traffic signs because they were not in Spanish (...this is universal signage). Are we still living in this mentality? I, too, have been troubled that there hasn't been more significance in these reports. Where are the major accomplishments that our Hispanic market has made within the U.S. economy, politics, entertainment, sports, science, medical, technology, education... and other areas? Although, I am very happy that NBC has allocated some of its time & resources to this special report, I do hope that these 2 more nights will spotlight much more of the major impact we have made to the U.S. Thanks Tony for pointing this out in a very indirect but hopeful manner. Mr. Williams, if you're reading this. I think another report is called for with much more in depth information than a mere 5 minutes per night that doesn't began to touch upon our major and very positive impact to the U.S. as a whole and definitely its' economy.

...not surprising to hear. Unfortunately most advertisers 'not' in the Hispanic market generally believe we Latinos are all the same...and thus have a one-size fit all mentality. I suspect his news writer may be to blame for this error. The US Hispanic market today is one of the most dynamic markets available to marketers who in this economy need to increase the bottom line. In Los Angeles, the # 1 US Hispanic market ...Latinos account for close to 1 Billion dollar a day in consumer spending. Yes, I said $1 Billion a day!

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