May 25, 2001

The Bravo Group was the recipients of the prestigious 2001 Gold EFFIE Award from the New York American Marketing Association.

Their campaign: "Census 2000. This Is Your Future. Don't Leave It Blank." won in the category of Government/Institutional advertising.

The EFFIE, introduced by the New York AMA in 1968, is the only national award that honors creative achievement in meeting and exceeding stated advertising objectives. The results of the 1990 Census revealed a significant national population undercount which the Census Bureau concluded had largely occurred within the nation's multicultural and immigrant populations. Seeking to remedy this for the 2000 Census The Bravo Group developed advertising campaigns to educate and motivate their respective audiences to participate in Census 2000. With over 110 different creative executions including TV, radio, print and outdoor, the Census campaign surpassed all expectations by achieving a national response rate of 67%. This reversed a two-decade trend of decline in response to the Census and far surpassed the original Census 2000 goal of 61%. The campaign also generated $305 million in field operations cost-savings for the U.S. Treasury. Census 2000 has now documented Asians and Hispanics as the fastest growing population groups overall in the United States, as well as the fastest growing groups in the top urban areas of the country.

The Bravo Group, whose Census efforts were spearheaded by President, Chief Creative Officer Daisy Exposito, identified ways to elicit a response from the myriad communities that compose the Hispanic population. "It was a particular challenge because Hispanics are not only made up of different nationalities, but of different races as well. It was essential to find a way of communicating effectively, but with sensitivity, to every group--especially those who are less likely to participate in a government sponsored information-gathering initiative. It was a privilege to be involved with such a landmark venture."

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