March 26, 2001

Florida Governor Jeb Bush confirmed his support for Florida’s TV commercial production industry by serving as the State’s spokesperson in a recorded introduction to an interactive CD being produced by the AICP/Florida (Association of Independent Commercial Producers/Florida) Chapter and the Florida Film Commission. The CD, which promotes the work of the Chapter’s members and Florida as a high-end location for production and post-production, was shot at WFSU Studios in Tallahassee, the state’s capitol, on March 29th.

An AICP/Florida team, headed by Chapter President Massimo Martinotti, Chapter Treasurer, Keith Rouse, who produced the spot, and AICP/FLORIDA member Tom Brunstetter, who acted as director of photography, shot the Governor’s bilingual English-Spanish introductory message. Targeted to the worldwide advertising industry, especially Europe and Latin America, two markets with the most growth potential, the CD begins with the Governor’s invitation to advertising and production professionals to bring their commercial projects to Florida.

“Our production community respects the commercial production industry for the creative art form that it is. The Florida Film Commission, located in the Executive Office of the Governor, and the Florida Chapter of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, are working hard to ensure that you have everything you need to produce your commercial production in our state,” the Governor stated.

In addition to the work of AICP/Florida members, it will also contain a sample directory of photos provided by the Florida Film Commission, highlighting some of the state’s unique locations. The CD will initially be distributed during the Clio Awards 2001, taking place in Miami Beach in late May, again at Cannes, and at various other national and worldwide conferences and events which target the TV Commercial Production Industry.

“Commercial production is the bread and butter of our location filming business in Florida, and we’ve got to be aggressive in recruiting and retaining it. Governor Bush supports this industry sector and understands the importance of promoting Florida as a competitive destination for production and post-production,” said Rebecca Dirden Mattingly, Florida’s Film Commissioner.

The creation of this promotional CD is one of several marketing strategies being implemented by both the AICP/Florida and the Florida Film Commission to attract production and post-production to the state.

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