March 30, 2001

CreatAbility has teamed up with advertising giant and ad icon aficionado Leo Burnett to take the edge away from inter-agency competition in time for this year’s national ADDY Awards, the industry’s highest honors. CreatAbility and the Ad Federation of Greater Miami invited the creators of the Jolly Green Giant and Charlie Tuna to design and judge the questions for the CreatAbiliTOYs! Ad Trivia Contest, That was held Thursday, April 26 at CreatAbility’s Museum of Advertising Icons.

The area’s top ad pros went head to head as they tested their knowledge of Toucan Sam’s original colors and the 7-Up Spot’s debut date. The trivia challenge comes just two months after the more competitive local ADDY Awards, the first tier in a three tiered national competition, which showcased some of the extraordinary creative work emerging out of Miami.

Under the auspices of the American Advertising Federation, local entrants all over the country shoot it out amongst each other. Winners from 14 districts vie for the admiration of independent judges from agencies across the nation. The national ADDY Awards, will take place June 12 in Cleveland, Ohio, at the AAF's American Advertising Conference.

Also the event, Domino’s Pizza’s Bad Andy, recently retired to make way for a new ad campaign, was inducted into the Museum of Advertising Icons. Bad Andy was delivered a top seven boxes of Chicago cut thin-crust pizza in honor of Leo Burnett, which has originated other memorable characters including the Keebler Elves and the Maytag Repairman.

"This shows that agencies can come together in a spirit of friendly competition," said Teddi Alyce Segal, Director of Branding at CreatAbility, who organized the event and is active in Ad Fed Miami .

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