February 26, 2001

The Wing Latino Creative Team has felt the call for a better understanding of key health and dangers in the Hispanic Community in the Americas.

Producing some thought provoking creative on HIV, Landmines, Blood Donations and Abortion.

To view the commercials CLICK below:



This commercial highlights the risk of having unprotected sex, by making people aware that when they have sex with someone, they are having sex with all his/her previous partners. The tagline "do it for love and protect yourself" has the double connotation of having sex for love and of protecting yourself out of self love.


Every country that has suffered through war has territory spotted with landmines, perpetually causing death and mutilation. In this commercial, we try to touch people's hearts by showing a commonplace image of a girl playing
hopscotch and later surprising them as they see she has been mutilated by a landmine.


This commercial shows a series of people leaving a building, making apparently obscene gestures. Later, we see that they
have just actually donated blood and that they are just applying pressure to their arm.


With supers and music, we guide the audience to an obvious answer about an abortion decision. We resolve the spot by giving an example of how they should have thought twice.

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