August 09, 2002

Congress Merge which enables people to identify who represents them in Congress, unveiled a mirror site in Spanish, the first such site in the United States. The new site ( ) removes the language barrier that keeps many Hispanic Americans from identifying who represents them in Congress and communicating to their senators and representatives their thoughts and concerns on issues facing the nation.

"No longer will a language barrier exclude thousands of Americans from a basic right of citizenship -- being able to identify and communicate with their members of Congress," said Michael J. Waters, president of Congress Merge. "This addition to Congress Merge opens a new page in grass roots advocacy, enabling many of our new citizens to enjoy this basic foundation of U.S. government."

Companies, labor unions, trade associations, and non-profit organizations will be able to provide their Spanish-speaking employees and members with an easy way to communicate with their federal government, Waters said.

"For too long people from Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Central and South America who have immigrated here and struggled with English have been excluded from participating in their national government. That ends today," Waters said.

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