March 17, 2007

Azteca America said today that The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has denied a request by NBC Telemundo to withhold a license renewal of its station affiliate in Los Angeles. The result is a clean bill of health for our operations, which fully respect US regulations and institutions.

"We have faith in US regulators and applaud FCC actions to foment competition and create new community minority voices within the limits of foreign ownership," said Adrian Steckel, President and CEO of Azteca America. "We similarly invite NBC Telemundo to respect Mexican regulations, which in many ways are similar to US rules and legislation."

The FCC has discarded the NBC Telemundo claims noting that, "We conclude that none of the conduct at issue is disqualifying," that "The news reports upon which NBC Telemundo brings these allegations are hearsay," and that the "Commission intervention in this private dispute is not appropriate."


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