June 02, 2001

PowerChannel, an Internet-based consumer information provider, announced that TPM Inc. would handle its marketing, brand development, partnerships and advertising in the Hispanic market.

TPM Inc. is a Los Angeles-based marketing and promotions company that is in the process of developing integrated sponsorship packages that include national and local radio, TV, print, retail point of sale (POS), and event presence for PowerChannel, all in the Hispanic community.

PowerChannel offers the Hispanic community access to the Internet through its proprietary set-top box technology for a low, one-time activation fee. TPM is currently working with PowerChannel on the distribution channels for 50,000 Internet set-top boxes to middle-income Hispanic families to be delivered in the next six months.

"We believe that TPM truly understands PowerChannel's overarching mission," said Steven Lampert, co-founder of PowerChannel. "Few companies would possess the marketing sophistication coupled with the knowledge of the Hispanic marketplace that PowerChannel needs to create a presence in this specific arena. We are delighted to be working together with TPM towards our goal of providing low-cost Internet access to tens of thousands of families."

"We are genuinely excited about the opportunity to bring PowerChannel's set-top boxes to the Hispanic community in the U.S.," added Robert Nieto, president of TPM Inc. "There really is no community better poised to benefit from this access to global information than this one."

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