March 30, 2009

Hoy newspaper in Chicago, and its weekly publication Fin de Semana continue to reach an increasing number of Hispanics in the Chicagoland area, according to recently released CAC circulation results for the six-month reporting period ended March 29, 2009. Hoy Chicago is reporting a 28 percent combined increase in the total average circulation of Hoy: Monday through Thursday increased to 63,600 copies per day, 102,200 copies on Friday and 305,400 on Hoy Fin de Semana (weekend edition); this accounts for an unprecedented circulation growth of 51 percent over the September 2007 CAC audit results. Figures reflect a company-wide strategic effort to better serve the growing Hispanic community of Chicago and its suburbs.

Not only Circulation is up in Hoy Chicago, first quarter revenues were up by 20 percent compared to the same period in 2008.

“I am proud to report that Hoy continues to grow and has solidified itself as a media leader in Chicago,” said John Trainor, general manager of Hoy Chicago. “To thrive in this harsh economic climate is a clear reflection of how viable and strong the Hoy brand has become for its readers and advertisers alike.”

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