October 13, 2009

AOL Latino and impreMedia announced an agreement to share content, in order to benefit Spanish speaking Internet users. 

The agreement establishes that both companies, which are widely accepted by Latino cybernauts, will share content in two areas in particular: impreMedia, with an ample base of news coverage in the main cities with Hispanic presence in the United States, will provide news content to AOL Latino, which includes breaking news stories, analysis of the most recent local events and human interest stories, among others.  

On the other hand, AOL Latino will provide its content in the lifestyle area, which includes fashion, beauty, family issues and others.

In order to channel this content exchange and put it to the user’s disposition in the easiest and most accessible way, impreMedia and AOL Latino will use their respective widgets for News and Life & Style content. That technological exchange will enrich the respective content platforms of both portals, in an attractive and comfortable way, for the enjoyment of Spanish speakers, who prefer to calm their thirst for up-to-date information via the Internet. 

“The interactive exchange of digital content between the impreMedia chain and AOL Latino reinforces our mission of bringing the best news and information to the Latin community in the United States,” said Arturo Duran, CEO of impreMedia Digital. “We consider this alliance an innovative step toward the development of digital media because both companies will strengthen their presence in electronic outlets across the country to increase the amount of exclusive news content Spanish speakers have available to them.”

“With AOL Latino’s expansive national reach, working with impreMedia is a perfect match as their expertise is in reporting on what is happening in Latino communities across the United States at the grassroots level,” said Miguel Ferrer, Director of AOL Latino. “By reporting on issues that are of importance to Latino communities, our partnership will provide outlets for all consumers to visit while also sparking debate and action. We believe that together, ImpreMedia and AOL Latino can best empower millions of U.S. Hispanics to understand the issues and get involved.”

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