May 12, 2009

ImpreMedia and the Fundación México Unido, A.C. (United Mexican Foundation) have agreed that, starting June 11, the news material prepared by Fundación México Unido, will be made available to be published by impreMedia.

The articles, created in Mexico City through the department of Cultural Diffusion of the Fundación México Unido, as part of the Writers' Program, which brings together a group of journalists committed to the promotion and experience of human values, will be made available on a weekly basis in the 14 print publications and 14 online versions that are part of the impreMedia family.

"The partnership between the Fundación México Unido and impreMedia represents an important step for the dissemination of content that contributes to the social and cultural development of the Hispanic community in the United States. We are sure that the editorial collaboration of the Fundación México Unido will enrich our print and digital platforms," said Arturo Duran, CEO of impreMedia Digital, LLC.
This alliance is the result of impreMedia's commitment providing its readers with serious, accurate, and useful content and that reflects the world around us.

"Part of the commitment from the Fundación México Unido is to generate alliances not only through means of communication, but also by offering valuable content to their readers to help them make decisions, and if possible, inspire them to change, and we will be able to do this thanks to the sum of our efforts with impreMedia's," noted Alejandro Oseguera, General Director of the Cultural Diffusion and Participation.

The mission of the Fundación México Unido is to serve Mexico by protecting and promoting values that reflect its culture and past heritage, as well as the current effort of justice, truth, peace, fraternity and progress, in this case by crossing the borders.


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