September 30, 2001

Arbitron Inc. announced a significant expansion of its local market consumer information services for the outdoor advertising industry.

Beginning this fall and extending into early 2002, Arbitron will make available new information collected during its ongoing surveys of consumers in 189 medium and small markets. The additional data, about driving, commuting and pedestrian patterns, will allow sellers and buyers of outdoor advertising to profile consumer exposure to outdoor media. Outdoor media information for 75 top media markets will continue to be available through Arbitron's Scarborough Research service.

"Our expanded outdoor qualitative service will give the outdoor industry additional tools to assist local and national advertisers more effectively," said Jacqueline Noel, director, sales and marketing, Arbitron Outdoor. "Detailed information on local driving and pedestrian patterns will help the outdoor media to better profile target audiences and demonstrate their value to advertisers. This new information will also help agencies and advertisers to better understand the role of outdoor in the media mix."

With the expanded Arbitron data, consumer profiles can be made in of terms of light, medium and heavy exposure to outdoor advertising including:

* Miles traveled in a vehicle as either a driver or passenger in the past seven days.

* Time spent commuting to work one way.

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