October 21, 2006

Verizon Wireless V CAST has added Spanish language content specifically for children. From game shows to cartoons ¡Sorpresa! (which means surprise) features shows that aim to both educate children and provide young Hispanics ages 2 to 12 with culturally relevant programming. One to five minute clips of six ¡Sorpresa! shows are now accessible to Verizon Wireless customers with the LG VX8300 with a larger roll-out expected in the following months.

“The launching of ¡Sorpresa! Móvil on the LG VX8300 allows parents the extraordinary opportunity to provide their children with mobile entertainment that is both culturally relevant and educational. Such programming is rare in today’s market and will only continue to grow in popularity,” says John Harrobin, vice president of digital media for Verizon Wireless.

Leonard Firestone, CEO of Firestone Communications, Inc., the owner and operator of ¡Sorpresa! adds, "There is a tremendous demand for Spanish language content on mobile phones, and we at ¡Sorpresa! are confident that the wide range of Spanish speaking content we will provide Verizon Wireless customers will be eagerly received by the Hispanic population nationwide. Our young audience is on the move, and we want their favorite ¡Sorpresa! programs available virtually any place they go and at any time.”

Some of the many programs available through the ¡Sorpresa! channel are:

El Planeta De Remi (Puerto Rico) – An interactive show in which Remi the Clown teaches kids important life lessons and how to draw through games and story telling.

Kitty’s Paradise (Japan) – Translated into Spanish, this animated series features the character Kitty, a curious kitten that has fun exploring the wonderful world around her.

¿Sabías Que? (United States ) – Original mobile content produced by ¡Sorpresa!, that provides kids with interesting educational facts about the world around them.

Kappa Maki (Japan) – A hysterical animation series featuring only music that follows the lives of Kappa Maki ( a sushi roll) and his mischievous schoolmates.

Tienda Majica (Puerto Rico) – A show that combines magic tricks, physical dexterity, trivia and lots of fun.

Cachuereos (Chile) – An interactive game show in which costumed animal characters teach kids about many things including friendship, sign language and math.

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