November 18, 2008

Cinelatino will unveil a comprehensive on-and off-air rebrand initiative beginning on January 1, 2009 that will include a new logo and a new on-air graphics package, followed by a new broadband
website to launch in early 2009.

"We are the premium destination movie channel in the U.S. with the largest selection of the best, most recent and most popular Spanish-language films, and we have created a new brand identity that reflects the quality and appeal of our programming," said Jim McNamara, president of Cinelatino.

Carolina Bilbao, Cinelatino's creative director, led the channel repositioning and rebranding. She tapped CA Square, the New York-based, award-winning brand strategy, design and animation studio, to create a new logo and on-air and off-air graphics package that reinforced the channel's premium status and new U.S.-based programming strategy.

As part of the graphic exploration of a new logo, the channel -- formerly Cine Latino -- merged its name into one word.

"Through the quality and diversity of our movies, we own the category of cine Latino on TV. We felt this subtle change in our name was an organic, contemporary way of conveying the pride and confidence we have in our programming offer," said Mr. McNamara.

The logo has two executions: one stacked and one unstacked, in which the red dots of the letter "i" resemble exclamation marks, alluding to specific use of punctuation in Spanish-language grammar.

"This subtle infusion of Spanish-language grammar into our logo is like a wink at our audience," said Ms. Bilbao. "We are letting them know we speak their language, while conveying the passion and enthusiasm we share with them for Spanish-language movies. These are very potent qualities to have in a mark."

Beginning on January 1, 2009, Cinelatino will reveal a new on-air identity built around the new logo design.

"The new package is simple, yet elegant and memorable," said Carlos Ferreyros, CA Square's creative director. "The color palette uses different hues of red, black and white, the new typeface is Gotham and the animation style of all the graphic elements is very organic -- the overall effect being very premium, functional and contemporary."

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