May 03, 2004

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company has been awarded a multi-year telephone directory printing contract with Mexico's largest directory publisher Anuncios en Directorios, a subsidiary of TELMEX.

RR Donnelley will provide print production services for 17 different titles representing 9.3 million directories and approximately 16.8 billion printed pages, including the Mexico City telephone book, which the company believes to be the largest telephone book in the world.

"As the world's largest telephone directory printer, RR Donnelley's extensive print platform enables schedule flexibility and scalability, on-time delivery and established quality processes, that will help TELMEX's Anuncios en Directorios maintain and enhance their brand image in the marketplace," said Susan Henricks, President of Directories for RR Donnelley. "We remain committed to being the leader in the global directory segment. Finding new ways to help customers effectively and efficiently grow their business remains a primary focus across the platform."

In commenting on this contract Oscar Sanchez, CEO of TELMEX's Anuncios en Directorios stated, "We always choose our supply partners very carefully, and RR Donnelley's consistently high performance level, their demonstrated clear understanding of our business, and their leadership in the directory market, gave us the confidence we needed to make the decision to expand our relationship with them."

"This marks the fourth contract we've signed together since 1995," added Henricks, "and we look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial relationship with TELMEX and their family of companies."

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