May 07, 2004

In contrast with English-speaking consumers, Spanish only speaking consumers are less inclined to have a specific company name in mind when referencing the Yellow Pages and search different Yellow Pages headings more frequently, according to the Yellow Pages Integrated Media Association.

A recent study conducted by Knowledge Networks/Statistical Research Inc. reveals that Spanish-dependent consumers—63 percent of whom trace their ancestry to Mexico—are more likely than their English-speaking counterparts to have no specific company’s name in mind before the reference (51 percent versus 35 percent). In addition, they are more likely to look at
one or more advertisements (73 percent versus 63 percent) and to be new customers to the business where they ultimately make a purchase (63 percent versus 44 percent).

“The objectivity that Spanish-dependent consumers are showing in their Yellow Pages usage is beneficial to advertisers, as it results in a larger number of potential customers,” said Larry Small, Yellow Pages I.M.A. director of research. “Spanish-dependent consumers benefit because they are open to more choices.”

The study also showed that although many of the frequently searched Yellow Pages headings are common to both English- and Spanish-speaking consumers, “Pizza” ranks Number One among Spanish-only speaking persons. This compares with “Restaurants,” which ranks first among English speakers.

Yellow Pages Ads Result in Purchases, Regardless of Language

Despite the differences in Yellow Pages searches by Spanish-dependent and English-speaking consumers, both demonstrate similar purchase habits. Fully 85 percent of Spanish-dependent consumers and 81 percent of English-speaking consumers contacted a business after they discovered it in the Yellow Pages. Roughly 92 percent of Spanish-only speaking consumers
and 90 percent of English-speaking consumers made a purchase at a place they found in the Yellow Pages.

Another similarity lies in the reasons the two groups reference the Yellow Pages. Approximately 87 percent of Spanish-dependent users refer to the Yellow Pages for home or personal reasons, with the remaining 13 percent for business. Similarly, 81 percent of English speaking consumers reference the Yellow Pages for home or personal reasons, while 19 percent of usage is allocated for business purposes.

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