I recently read an article in another of the Latin American Market focused trade journals that interviewed a US Hispanic Marketing Director at the client level and two mayor New York Hispanic Agency based Media Planning Executives with most of their experience in mainstream advertising and Latin America respectively to give their opinions about the US Hispanic Market.

  Carat USA and Aegis Media - Multi-Cultural Marketing released the finding of their new Hispanic Consumer Connections research study that according to them reveals that 90 percent of Hispanic media budgets

  By Adam R Jacobson

Last week I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about the radio station he'd love to have on the air in Miami.

Happy Father’s Day for all the Dads in our biz.

Check out this video, it reminds me of my two children now in our Industry.

As many of you are aware, there is a movement in Washington DC to de-fund National Public Radio (NPR).

  Mr. Jose Villa over the last couple of years, you have embarked on a journey through several trade journals to predict the demise of the current state of the US Hispanic Ad Industry.

   by David Queamante

  I am taking a view on the current PPM battle between Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) and Arbitron which transpired in the last 72 hours that the broadcasters might not want to hear.

In it's August 10th cover story about marketing to Hispanics, the Miami Herald opened its article with a reference to Univision's Saturday-night variety show host Don Francisco.  No big deal but the

   Jose Chavez “J-Si” is the latest crew member of the syndicated morning show Kidd Kraddik in the Morning. Born in Mexico City, JC moved to California in 1991.

   After reviewing our travel and entertainment budget for 2009 to attend NATIONAL events.  We have decided to share our “Must-Attend List” of NATIONAL - US Hispanic Advertising, Marketing & Media focused events tha

  According to Arbitron in this week’s investor call, they admitted that the legal fees to overcome the problems with the PPM in Q4 2008 cost between $4 to $6 million dollars to resolve the legal challenges to the PPM system by the NY Attorney

      First and foremost, a very happy New Year to all of you. Yes 2009 is here; let's hope it does not pick up where 2008 left off.

For a place known as a Mexican city, L.A. has recently shown how it continues to grow as a multicultural megapolis.  I'm continually intrigued not only by the confluence of Latino cultures but also by how L.A

  I came across this cartoon sometime in 1990 or 1991.