For many of you that do not remember the early years of our industry, we lived them and can tell you that there were intuitive strategic initiatives that help establish credibility and trust in our pioneers and allow

I think the US Tennis Association (USTA) may need to begin channeling that famous ABC Sports tagline: "the thrill of victory and

This week’s podcast is uploaded. We talked to Raul De Quesada, Asst. General Manager of Fox Sports En Español, about the newly activated awareness campaign: “Cada Gol Salva Una Vida”.

  Televisa intelligently has created a Joint Venture (JV) with Genomma Labs, Mexican producer of pharmaceutical and beauty aids in Mexico, to bring their products to the US Hispanic Market and Puerto Rico.  Through the

In it's August 10th cover story about marketing to Hispanics, the Miami Herald opened its article with a reference to Univision's Saturday-night variety show host Don Francisco.  No big deal but the

  Kathleen Haley, Director of Multicultural Marketing for HP joins us to shares what it takes to develop a thriving marketing campaign.  Through a heavy guerilla and geo-targeted digital marketing push, Miami con

We can now rest a little better knowing that we won't have to listen to another Senator asking about wise Latinas.  But if you think the debate at Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings, especially about her

Last night at a standing room only ESPN Deportes premier, the Miami ad and media industry enjoyed a documentary about the life of one of the best Cuban pitchers in the  professional baseball Luis

   Marisa Treviño, self described “Latina Blogging Journalist” founder and editor of Latina Lista, the latest reporting on breaking news, government legislation, justice issues, groundbreaking studies, Latina pe

Based on industry blog postings in the last 48 hours by bloggers out there ..............

    This week we have Dr. Margarita Alegria, Ph.D.

The great national golfing nightmare is over.  And we have a Mexicana and a South Korean woman among others to thank.

I just couldn't resist sharing this with the readers of

     The US Hispanic Market advertising and media industries are under attack by those less fortunate ad agencies and media suffering from attrition and lower mainstream budgets.

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