Some Spanish language radio stations seem to think that English is the new Spanish. I am not sure what makes radio programmers add English language songs into their playlist.

It's not every day that Univision undertakes major collaborations for special events, and the upcoming "Premios Deportes" i

CMOs could be on their way out, their tenure is estimated to be 18 months or less.

Pretty strong words. Yes and very sad ones about the state of our advertising Industry.

It's not every day that you see Caribbean and L.A.

    A study last year by the Pew Hispanic Center and the Pew Forum on Religion revealed some surprises regarding Latinos and religion, including the growing number of Latinos leaving the Catholic Church and joining vari

We have enjoyed an incredible ride.

   Thomas Friedman wrote in his modern classic “The World is Flat,” about how the Internet has paved the way for a fluid cultural exchange that defies borders.

With enormous lucidity, Federico Traeger's “The Hispanic TV Commercial Today” (5/22/08) gives us what is probably the most coherent appraisal of U.S. Hispanic Advertising in today's America.

The 1960's radical Abbie Hoffman would probably be horrified to learn that he was being invoked in a discussion about corporate marketing but he said something several years ago that still resonates for this

Renowned social commentator Fareed Zakaria writes in his most recent book “the Post-American World” about the rise of the “the rest.”  Zakaria explains how countries like India, China, Russia and Brazil have leveraged trade to open up and revi

Carlos SantiagoA major CPG company recently shared some of their Hispanic research results at a large multicultural conference.

    Over the past couple of days the Hispanic radio industry was convened at the Radio Ink Hispanic Radio conference in Miami.