Let's talk about planning. Even better, let's be clear what we mean by the word, then let's talk about it.  By Brian Jacobs / The COG

The new report details how the self-reliant buyer and a chaotic, digital-first customer journey have flipped much of the sales action to the top of the funnel, making marketers responsible for nearly half of a company’s revenue. Yet scarce resources, mediocre data skills, and a skeptical CEO threaten to undermine marketing’s efforts.

HEINEKEN USA and its TECATE brand announced the official, multi-year U.S. sponsorship of LIGA BBVA MX. Tecate USA will also be a partner of LIGA BBVA MX's other competitions, LIGA BBVA Expansion MX and LIGA BBVA MX Femenil.

Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. has announced that Pasiones, WAPA América and CentroAméricaTV will be fully distributed across Cox Communications’ (“Cox”) national footprint, joining their sister network, Cinelatino, also fully carried by Cox across the U.S.

Upland BlueVenn commissioned OnePoll to determine how and where consumers interact with brands, and if marketers are meeting their customers’ expectations. The research examines the way in which consumer-marketer interactions differ from sector to sector, and explores the top channels consumers and marketers use for various industries(and whether these align).

Do you consider search consultants when planning your agency’s new business program? And what is the best way to do that, exactly?  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

As marketers continue leaning into new tools and technologies to prepare for a world without third-party cookies, much of the conversation about adaptation has focused on planning and targeting. These are obviously critical aspects of any marketing strategy, but it’s important to not exclude the need for accurate measurement as changes in the digital media environment accelerate.   

Brands are still adjusting to this new landscape — a misstep can place a company in negative light and damage brand perception and loyalty. Porter Novelli recently conducted a study and published its finding in a report about U.S. corporate cancel culture and consumer behavior.

The Bauhaus school of art, popular in the 1920s, is emblematic of the period’s growth and innovation. One hundred years later, its view on innovation is just as relevant, as brands and society deal with an unprecedented rate of change.

Dear Marketers,   In this time of social transformation, as national advertisers you have been thrust into a dialogue of diversity, equity and inclusion regarding multicultural sectors. While many of the corporate initiatives you’ve undertaken are laudable, in too many cases the DEI conversations and initiatives are being led by the very marketers that are slashing their multicultural ad dollars and using the cloak of DEI to cover the shifts that are taking place.  From Hispanic Marketing Council

It is obvious to even the blindfolded and radicals that we are living in weird times, hopefully, time for changes, good ones, time for disruption in many aspects of our personal and professional life, disruption in social and community living, and all of this seems to be bringing -in a very special way- a GRAND remark from the Advertising industry, to re-balance the weight in favor of way more and more print and TV Ads involving people of color and people of Asian ethnicities like it has NEVER seen before in the United States.  By Jorge Parra Photography and AtHome Production: Hybrid Solutions for the Production of Your Commercial Photography and Video Projects in Times of Quarantine and Isolation

As it stands, the Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) are America’s most wealthy and influential generation. But even the youngest Boomers are close to retirement, with millions leaving the workforce every year. As Baby Boomers pass the torch, which generation will take their place as America’s most powerful?

The holy grail of today’s workplace is high employee engagement. According to Gallup’s oft-cited research on the topic, just about one-third of U.S. employees are engaged on the job. That number drops to 13% worldwide, and has held steady for years. Many companies are investing heavily to identify what leads to high engagement in order to motivate employees, thereby increasing their happiness and productivity.

Kanal D Drama exclusively presents the series “La Trampa del Amor” (Afili Aşk) for the Hispanic audience in the U.S. As of May 10th, its thousands of U.S. fans of Turkish dramas will be able to enjoy this fun romantic comedy, only on Kanal D Drama.

Hispanic-targeted LATV is right in the thick of it, offering a platform self-described as “The Latino Voices Redefining Culture.”  By Adam Jacobson - Radio TV Business Report