To help decode CTV measurement and uncover the truth behind common CTV myths, the ANA and Innovid conducted an unprecedented study across 20 leading U.S. advertisers, including Anheuser-Busch, General Motors, and Southwest.

As we look forward to the reopening of society, “getting back to normal” will become an intentional choice.

Today’s DE&I and Marketing conversations are based quite simply on the exercise that if you do not diversify your workforce, create inclusion, and secure advertising spending against minority consumers in the USA, your will suffer the repercussion of social, economic, and political grievances.

Carmen DiRienzo was a seasoned media executive and attorney with superior leadership skills, outstanding managerial and consensus building capabilities and an entrepreneurial vision and spirit.

How do you determine which candidates will perform for your agency based on a stack of paper? You can’t. High-quality hires are few and far between, and in recent years, the process of attracting and retaining a new business person has become almost a competitive sport.  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

The projection is split between traditional and digital media but shows that the divide is narrowing, with traditional advertising only eight percent ahead of digital mediums that include mobile, online, over-the-top, email, and traditional media’s online ventures

As markets begin to adapt to the disruption that the pandemic has created across the media industry, navigating audiences has never been more critical. Much remains unknown about the future of media, but audiences have made one thing clear: understanding it is more important than ever.

As companies kickoff their 2022 business planning process, CMOs and their teams face a perennial challenge: allocating their limited resources among a variety of brands, projects, programs, and opportunities, while still achieving the necessary ROI and expected growth rates.  By Isaac Mizrahi - Co/President of ALMA

Many of us are always “on” these days, running from task to task. Never-ending demands. Frenetic pace. We fill every available moment with activity or scrolling through our digital feeds.

This year has been rife with pandemic-induced changes that have shifted corporate priorities—and yet, innovation has remained a top concern among corporations worldwide.

Black and Hispanic adults in the United States remain less likely than White adults to say they own a traditional computer or have high-speed internet at home, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted Jan. 25 to Feb. 8, 2021. But there are no racial and ethnic differences when it comes to other devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The Brief Bros. celebrate 6 months of pontificating about creative briefs. In our latest episode Howard Ibach and I discuss what we've learned and contemplate the possibility the creative briefs are over.

Seasonality, sports and new streaming content drove shifts in viewing share across broadcast, cable and streaming on television screens in June, according to The Gauge. Launched last month, Nielsen’s monthly total TV and streaming snapshot shows that the conclusion of the traditional broadcast season may have provided an opportunity for sports on cable  (NHL, NBA, MLB) and streaming to each gain a percentage point of viewership.

When it comes to breaking down the top 100 companies of the world, the United States still commands the largest slice of the pie.

In marketing conversations over the last four decades, Hispanic Marketing has led the so called “Multicultural Conversation”, but in the last two years the practice has been almost eliminated from the conversation.