The Brief Bros. celebrate 6 months of pontificating about creative briefs. In our latest episode Howard Ibach and I discuss what we've learned and contemplate the possibility the creative briefs are over.

Marketers strive for an upbeat yet realistic mood as they embark on the “pre-post-pandemic” era

HispanicAd in association with Adam R Jacobson are proud to announce the availability of the 2020 Hispanic Content, Data & Social Marketing Report for our readers.

Latinos are big on tradition, even when it comes to business. For years they have been managing their finances using a document dinosaur, compiling receipts, invoices, and endless printouts into el cuadernito (the notebook).

The Winners and Short List for the 2021 Cannes Lions is final.  US Hispanic Agencies garnered 8 Lions.  Ibero America & Latin American garnered 147 Lions.  Winners are?

The funnel as a marketing concept celebrated its 100th birthday some time ago. The magnificently named St. Elmo Lewis came up with the acronym AIDA in 1898. He argued that you need different sorts of advertising to capture Attention, stimulate Interest, stoke the flames of Desire, and finally nudge your audience into Action.

An increasingly complex digital landscape can easily spiral out of control

The opportunity for brands is to identify and attract potential shoppers by diverting spend away from competitive brands. Targeting based on real-world purchase behaviours can deliver a measurable improvement in advertising performance.

Inclusion and Diversity in advertising is a hot topic, and one of the creative devices used by many of Kantar’s Creative Effectiveness Award winners. And we know that demonstrating inclusion and diversity in advertising is no longer optional, it’s an imperative. It isn’t just socially and morally right; progressive and inclusive advertising improves ROI.  So how can you get inclusive portrayal of people right in your ads?

Advertising, PR, creative, digital, and full-service agencies have played a crucial role in the marketer's toolkit for decades. But the landscape is changing. More than ever, overlap exists between agencies and consultancies, in-house and external agencies, and the roles of humans and automation. ANA Marketing Futures gathered perspectives from marketers and subject matter experts to understand how marketers view the future of agency and how its trajectory impacts marketing decision making.

Meruelo Media announced that programmer Haz Montana has joined the company as Vice President, Audio Brands to lead its Los Angeles Super Cluster of Hip Hop Tastemaker KPWR Power 106, Classic Rocker KLOS 95.5, Throwback Hip Hop KDAY/KDEY 93.5 and Latin Rhythmic Breakout CALI 93.9.

Captura Group announced that Jessica Cuevas Molina is joining the agency as Executive Creative Director.

It is obvious to even the blindfolded and radicals that we are living in weird times, hopefully, time for changes, good ones, time for disruption in many aspects of our personal and professional life, disruption in social and community living, and all of this seems to be bringing -in a very special way- a GRAND remark from the Advertising industry, to re-balance the weight in favor of way more and more print and TV Ads involving people of color and people of Asian ethnicities like it has NEVER seen before in the United States.  By Jorge Parra Photography and AtHome Production: Hybrid Solutions for the Production of Your Commercial Photography and Video Projects in Times of Quarantine and Isolation

The Good Report is a unique ranking of the world's best use of creative communications to promote sustainability and social responsibility to raise awareness of major social and environmental issues.