The strategy career path is diversifying, but there remains a lack of diversity in its hiring, finds WARC in The Future of Strategy 2021 report.

In this episode of The New Mainstream podcast, we talk with Sequoyah “DataBae” Glenn, founder of the Black Marketers Coalition and 924 CoOperative: A Multicultural Marketing Agency, about empowering black marketing and research professionals and the need to redefine the general market.

Science Applications International Corp. announced that Catherine Hernandez-Blades has joined the company as senior vice president of marketing and communications.

US consumer spend recovered in Q2 2021, driven by the confluence of increasing vaccination rates, stimulus payments in March 2021, an optimistic outlook toward economic recovery, and the general reopening of the economy.

The rapid rise in job openings to historic highs coupled with increasingly more workers quitting is leading to severe labor shortages, especially in leisure & hospitality, food service, and construction.

Decisions in business are supposed to be rational and follow science. Easier said than done! That would require that scientific studies address high-impact issues that are relevant to business.

Marketers aim to boost cross-channel consistency as people return to in-store shopping

It is a unique time in our US Hispanic Advertising, Marketing, Media, Public Relations & Research Industry. Current social conditions, the new found interest by major corporations to entertain important DE&I conversations and the “lack” of US Hispanic focused Executive Voices are molding the current conversations in Business. Non-Hispanic focused Executives and Marketers are dominating the current discussions about DE&I in Corporate America.  How will this impact the US Hispanic Advertising, Marketing, Media, Public Relations & Research Industry?

The media and entertainment industry doesn’t have a choice; it must change. Consumers have upped their baseline expectations as technology has evolved, and competitors for consumer time aren’t limited to traditional media. If we look across current forms of media, consumers multitask with other media more than 55% of the time.

While most marketing leaders understand the importance of diversity and inclusion when it comes to hiring practices, the challenge is actually recruiting from the right places and fostering an inclusive culture that cultivates and develops diverse talent.

As America's largest companies increasingly embrace a new leadership role in advancing racial equity, they face a confounding question: What really works?

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index® (CCI) improved further in June, following gains in each of the previous four months.

To begin our new series titled "Industry Spotlight Series", we have chosen Luis Miguel Messianu - Founder-Creative Chairman-CEO & Isaac Mizrahi Co-President & COO of Miami based ALMA.  We will continue to highlight our great industry executives in this series, asking them key questions about the business.  Enjoy.

Investment capital is flowing into start-ups and new technologies to meet the evolving demands of media and entertainment consumers.

The level of a person’s raw intelligence, as measured by aptitude tests such as IQ scores, is generally stable for most people during the course of their adulthood.