For the last four years, Harris Interactive has been tracking the number of people who go online to look for information about health topics, calling them "cyberchondriacs".

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled new television public service announcements starring and directed by Esai Morales of "NYPD Blue" and PBS' "American Family." The PSAs are part of a CDC initiative aimed at decreasing tobacco use, especially in the Hispanic community.

Of the 73 million Americans who use the Internet to answer health questions, only about one quarter follow experts’ advice and thoroughly check the source and date of the information they find online.

Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Pfizer Company, launched "Fighting HIV through R&B," a novel HIV testing program that offers free R&B concert tickets for those individuals who get tested for HIV.

Although fertility specialists estimate that infertility affects 10% of the reproductive age population, parenting website's latest survey suggests the number is higher among its demographic.

The American Cancer Society launched a public awareness campaign to increase life-saving cancer screening practices among Latinos and encourage this community to seek the Society's expert bilingual cancer information services.

Hispanic-Americans are twice as likely to have diabetes as other Americans.

Ehealth (the use of the Internet related to health and health care) continues to grow, and a recent national survey finds that 110 million adults sometimes go online to look for health care information.

McDonald's 29,000 restaurants around the world will host an unprecedented simultaneous fundraiser for children in their communities.

The American medical profession is on a demographic collision course with an increasingly diverse nation, according to a report released by Community Catalyst.

As Hispanic/Latino communities in the United States continue to grow rapidly, they face dire health risks. Thousands of Hispanic/Latino people in our country die from cancer each year, many from cancers that could have been prevented or

The National Speaking of Women's Health Foundation (SWH) will receive a big boost in reach this year from national sponsor Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

U.S. Hispanics are active healthcare consumers who seek information from key trusted sources, says a new study by Tapestry.

To address HIV disclosure and help prevent the spread of HIV in the Latino community, AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) recently published "Breaking The Silence... Rompiendo El Silencio."

Because men from racial and ethnic minority populations face such a high risk of heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and other conditions and often lack access to basic care, they are now experiencing a health care crisis, according to a report released today by Community Voices: HealthCare for th