The Latino community, bigger and more affluent than ever, is buying computers and going online at a faster rate than any other group in the United States. But advertising and investment dollars are as tight as ever.

Curtis and Boo-Boo are back and louder than ever in's hilarious animated series MAKIN' MOVES.

The survey indicated a 55-45 percentage spilt in the composition of male and female Internet surfers in April 2001, which represents about 462,000 males surfers and 380,000 women Internet users in Singapore.

According to results of the inaugural Yahoo!/ACNielsen Internet Confidence Index, more than four out of 10 (42 percent) U.S.-based Internet users intend to purchase online during the next three months, and will spend an estimated $9.9 billion via the Web during that period of time.

PowerChannel, an Internet-based consumer information provider, announced that TPM Inc. would handle its marketing, brand development, partnerships and advertising in the Hispanic market.

Jupiter Media Metrix reports that the actual return on investment (ROI) from online advertising is at least 25 percent to 35 percent higher than most marketers believe.

Spending on streaming media-enabled promotion and advertising will grow exponentially during the next four years, as increased residential adoption of broadband access service sets the stage for corporations to embrace fresh ways to deliver their product marketing messages to consumers, according

iCaramba Communications, an interactive, marketing and entertainment company specializing in integrated online and offline Latino youth marketing programs, joined forces with actor/comedian John Leguizamo.

T1msn, a joint venture between Microsoft Corp. and Telmex, announced the launch of its Spanish-language portal for the U.S. Hispanic market, with the announcement of plans to acquire Yupi Internet Inc., a leading portfolio of Spanish-language Internet sites.

In the developed world, the Internet is literally in your face. Opportunities to go online are everywhere, and an estimated 400 hundred million people use the World Wide Web daily.

Women face an uncertain future in the high tech industry as findings from a national Women in Technology Leadership survey released today show a remarkable 60% of women currently working in the field would choose another profession if "starting out on a career" today.

America Online Latin America, Inc. announced an expansion of the AOL service in Puerto Rico, bringing local dial-up access to consumers across the Island.

Jupiter Media Metrix reports that the total number of companies controlling 50 percent of US user minutes online shrank 64 percent, from 11 to four, between March 1999 and March 2001.

StarMedia Network, Inc. announced the appointment of Enrique Narciso as President of StarMedia Network, effective immediately. Previously, Narciso served as General Manager, StarMedia Mobile.

Use of the Internet among those ages 55-64 grew to 43 percent in the past six months from 36 percent six months ago and 31 percent eighteen months ago, according to the semi-annual Cyber Stats report from Mediamark Research Inc.