Editor & Publisher magazine announced their choice of impreMedia Chairman and Chief Executive Officer John Paton as Publisher of the Year.

Rochester, NY, is the top U.S. city for newspaper readership, according to a new analysis of Integrated Newspaper Audience* (INA) data from newspaper ratings service Scarborough Research.

Alloy Access announced results from its recent Hispanic Newspaper Audience study, conducted in partnership with Excend Consulting Services. The report provides valuable data indicating that while mainstream and national newspaper readerships continue to suffer declines, Hispanic newspapers reign as a top media choice among today's large and growing Hispanic population.

Humberto Castelló - El Nuevo Herald Executive Editor annouced his resignation and Tony Espetia - El Nuevo Herald Managing Editor announced his resignation. Manny García Senior News Editor at The Miami Herald has been named Executive Editor of El Nuevo Herald.

A few weeks after 9/11, I had to attend a business meeting that was being held on the lot of a Hollywood movie studio. I had been inside studios for meetings before but right after 9/11 it was a major ordeal to get through the front gates. I think getting into the White House would have been easier, and I struggled to understand how these studios could be equating themselves with federal buildings and national monuments–the seats of our nation’s power.

Quite frankly I found the movie studios’ response a bit over-the-top and the epitome of arrogance. Call me cruel but I didn’t think that an industry that has not been kind to my Latino culture deserved unprecedented protection. I just couldn’t fathom shedding a tear if some disaster struck an industry that historically had misrepresented, disrespected or maligned my culture.

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Rumbo de Houston announced that the Houston Astros Baseball Club has selected Rumbo as their exclusive print partner for communicating with the Hispanic community of Houston.  The partnership includes several strategic marketing alliances including the creation and distribution of the Astros’  “C

Despite the implosion of America’s magazine and newspaper industry, the vast majority of adult consumers still consider the print editions of these publications indispensable sources of news and entertainment.

ImpreMedia announced the appointment of Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush to the newly-created position of Corporate Executive Editor. The appointment is effective immediately. Mr. Vourvoulias-Bush will report to impreMedia Chairman & CEO John Paton.

According to Alejandro Sanchez - Publisher of Al Dia in Dallas, the newspaper will go from being a daily newspaper to a Wednesday and Saturday edition only. Due to their effective home delivery strategy, they already enjoy major readership increases and advertising revenue on these select days of the week.

ImpreMedia announced that it has completed an unprecedented engagement study of its audience. The study demonstrates that impreMedia households are on average bigger, more connected with one another, more engaged with their media of choice, and more likely to influence the purchase decisions of others when compared to the general Hispanic market and to Spanish TV viewers in the US

The Ibarria Media Group announced the launching of two new weekly newspapers: El Especialito Lower East Side y El Especialito West Side, reaching a total of 12 publications under the same name, plus El Especial NY/NJ, El Especial Miami and Personalidades, all belonging to The Ibarria Media Group

Due to the current environment with regards to Hispanic newspapers many organizations continue to downsize. Most recently, Impacto USA, one of Los Angeles Spanish language weeklies, laid off Director of Sales, Anna Hoy after seven years with the company.

Atlanta Latino, Inc. will change to a new tabloid format debuted their last edition Thursday, January 29, 2009. The previous format had two separate sections.

There was a time when the demise of the New York Spanish language daily, HOY, would have sounded like sweet music to my ears.

The news of HOY's closing would have come in a similar fashion as it did last week: a phone call from some agency friend asking if the rumor could be true, a news bit on 1010Wins Radio, or some email or news clipping from the New York Daily News business section. In those days I would have been thrilled. A celebration might have followed…at least at my office.

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Más New Mexico will launch on January 7, 2009 as a bilingual news publication.