February 06, 2019

Agency Creative, a Dallas-based full-service advertising agency, announced the launch of AgenSIcreative, a new strategic business unit focused entirely on Hispanic marketing. Max Lefeld will lead AgenSIcreative with a focus on creating marketing that’s culturally relevant to the Hispanic market.

“The idea behind AgenSIcreative is to break away from having the Hispanic agency and the traditional agency working in separate silos,” said Lefeld. “We have formed a partnership with the philosophy and capabilities to provide culturally relevant, brand-consistent solutions that deliver results.”

Agency Creative President Mike Scannell added, “The Hispanic market represents an incredible growth opportunity for companies targeting their $1.5 trillion buying power. The nearly 59 million Latino population is the key driver of the U.S. demographic shift and 51 percent of them are under 30 years old.”


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