July 22, 2016

Many marketers are faced with hurdles when it comes to digital advertising in a multiscreen environment. Ad clutter and creative quality are just some of the challenges they’re looking to overcome.

May 2016 research from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), Advertiser Perceptions, Kargo and Refinery29 revealed that ad clutter was the biggest obstacles of multiscreen digital advertising. More than half (54%) of US brand marketers and ad buyers said it was a problem.

Additionally, 37% of respondents said creative quality was a challenge, and another 46% of brand marketers and ad buyers said that the overall experience was.

Various qualities of the user experience were a hurdle for many brand marketers and ad buyers. Indeed, respondents indicated page load time, video and audio autoplay, as well as interruption from contention consumption, were other challenges they faced.

Separate research from Celtra found that publishers are looking to improve the ad experience for users. More than half of US media professionals said it was important to improve the creative content of the ad. Another 44.6% said making the creative messaging more relevant was key.

Other improvements that needed to be made to better the user ad experience mirrored the hurdles that marketer’s in IAB’s survey said they faced. For example, nearly a third of media professionals surveyed by Celtra said that improving the quality of inventory was important, and more than a quarter said lowering the number of placements to reduce clutter was.

Courtesy of eMarketer

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