February 08, 2019

What motivates consumers?

Video consumption has never been more fragmented. As pay TV subscriptions continue to decline, they are replaced by a number of live and on-demand streaming options that continue to grow by the day. Viewers can use a dizzying array of services to create their own consumption “nirvana.” However, there is bound to be an upper limit on both how many different services a consumer is willing to pay for and how much time she has in the day to consume. This leads some in the industry to believe the growth in content and platforms may not be sustainable over the long term.

Cutting through this cluttered landscape to create a relevant position with consumers requires an understanding of which consumer segments your growth goals depend on and their underlying motivations, preferences, and behaviors. Only with this view can industry players make strategic decisions that will ensure competitive advantage and deeper viewer relationships, while remaining relevant and with enough scale to survive an inevitable culling in the Over-the-top (OTT) video space.

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