February 12, 2001

Continuing on the success of Heineken's popular Hispanic advertising campaign, Heineken USA, Inc. is introducing three new :30 television spots for the growing Hispanic market.

Each of the spots conveys a unique Hispanic insight, which resonates with the Hispanic community and helps create an emotional bond and beer moment with consumers.

"Vestida de Novia" (Dressed as a Bride): Playing off the Hispanic custom of referring to a beer bottle as "dressed as a bride" when it's so cold that it's covered by ice (giving it a white coat of condensation), this spot features three young Hispanic males admiring a young beautiful woman walking toward them, to the music of a wedding march. The spot reveals, however, that the men aren't looking at the woman, but rather at the tray of Heineken's, dressed as brides, she's carrying to them.

"Chela" (A nickname for the female name Graciela, and a colloquial name for beer): This spot depicts a young man walking anxiously in circles in his living room, with the superimposed phrase "Esperando a Chela" ("Waiting for Chela") then appearing. Suddenly the man walks into his kitchen, where he opens the freezer and pulls out a Heineken to see if it's cold. Frustrated, he puts it back into the freezer to wait a little longer… The spot includes the song "La nave del ovido" by Mexican singer José José, with lyrics "Espera un poco" ("Wait a little more.")

"Green Card": A new arrival at a party resembles the Hispanic consumers' aspirational journey into acquiring the sought-after Green Card (VISA) in the U.S.A. Only in this instance, the "Green Card" he seeks is really a bottle of Heineken.

Developed to help shift Hispanic consumers' perceptions of Heineken as an "exclusive" brand to "a brand for all occasions," the spots all carry the tagline "No cabe duda," or "No doubt about it." The phrase is commonly used to convey "the best," or "nothing like it" in Hispanic communities.

The spots will begin airing on Telemundo and Univision television affiliates in select markets starting in March. The spots will also air nationally through the rest of the year on Telemundo during key networks programs such as the Billboard International Latin Music Awards. The TV executions will also be supported by radio and outdoor in 14 major markets.

The "No cabe duda" campaign was created for Heineken by The Vidal Partnership in New York.

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