February 17, 2004

Send in your vote for the HispanicAd.com 2003 Media Planning Executive and Media Executive of the year.

Listed below are the nominations to date. Voting period is from 3/1/2004 to 3/19/2004.

By Alphabetical order:

Media Planning Executive Nominations - 2003

Tony Aguilar Arellano - Acento Advertising
Elizabeth Barrutia - Arenas Entertainment
Gloria Constanza Pimentel - The Bravo Group
Ana Crandell - del Rivero Messianu DDB
Ken Deutsch - Grupo Gallegos
Joe Genova - Lopez Negrete Communications
Danielle Gonzales - Tapestry
Ingrid Iannotti - Anita Santiago Advertising
Jim Irvine - The Cartel Group
Oswald Mendez - The Vidal Partnership
Lula Olmedo - Zubi Advertising
Leon Potasinski - La Agencia de Orci
Isabella Sanchez - The Bravo Group
Migdalia Santana - Accentmarketing
Nancy Tellet - Siboney USA
Karen Treydte - Conill Advertising
Halim Trujillo - Cultura

Media Executive Nominations - 2003

Raul Alarcon - Spanish Broadcasting System
Tom Arnost - Univision Communications
Manuel Bellod - Terra.com
Peter Blacker - AOL Latino
Eduardo Caballero - Mas Musica TeVe
Jorge Consuegra - Tahoo en Español
Jeff Liberman - Entravision Communications
Monica Lozano - La Opinion(Impremedia)
Steve Mandala - Telemundo
Tom Maney - Fox Sports en Español
Ibra Morales - Telemundo
Tom McGarrity - Univision Communications
Rossana Rosado - El Diario/La Prensa
Louis Sito - Hoy/Newsday
Gary Stone - Hispanic Broadcasting Corp.
Walter Ulloa - Entravision Communications
Philip Wilkinson - Entravision Communications

Honorees To Date:

Media Planning Executive

Monica Gadsby - Tapestry - 2002
Edgar Cardoze - Dieste & Harmel Partners - 2001
Jessica Pantanini - Bromley Communications - 2000

Media Executive

Mac Tichenor - Hispanic Broadcasting Corp./Univision Radio - 2002
Jerry Perenchio - Univision - 2001
Jim McNamara - Telemundo - 2000

We conduct a nominations and a voting process via e-mail through HispanicAd.com for one overall honoree. To be a nominee, each candidate must receive a minimum of 50 nominations.

To nominate your "Media Planning Executive of the Year" and the "Media Executive of the Year" CLICK below:

mailto:[email protected]

Nomination period is from 2/3/2004 to 2/29/2004. Voting period is from 3/1/2004 to 3/19/2004.

Previous winners will not be eligible for nomination for two (2) years.

All voting is strictly confidential. HispanicAd.com adheres to strict privacy guidelines. All nominations, information and materials received / submitted for this award program are the sole property of HispanicAd.com and Hispanic Media Sales, Inc.

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