October 08, 2006

New custom research from Arbitron Inc. reveals that 42 percent of Los Angeles bus riders consider Transit Television to be one of their regular sources for news and weather information. On average, riders spend one hour and thirty-four minutes exposed to the on-board television network.

The new study titled, Moving Entertainment: Arbitron Evaluation of Transit TV Network, explores commuters’ engagement with ad supported news and entertainment programming available on over 2,200 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (LACMTA) buses citywide. The study focuses both on the demographic composition of the Transit TV audience and the impact of commercials aired on the network.

“In the same way radio is the preferred out-of-home broadcast medium to reach people in their cars, Transit TV has shown to be an effective way to reach those additional commuters who take mass transportation,” says Diane Williams, Manager, Arbitron Custom Research. “Los Angeles bus riders spend a major part of their day exposed to on-board television programming and that is reflected in the strong content and advertising recall levels.”

“While traditional media face an increasing struggle to reach a young audience, this study demonstrates Transit TV’s ability to frequently reach young, attentive and engaged viewers,” says Gerry Noble CEO and President of Transit TV.

Highlights from “Moving Entertainment: Arbitron Evaluation of Transit TV Network”

Teens and young adults account for the majority of Los Angeles bus riders with 58 percent of commuters being between the ages of 14 and 34. Over one-third (36 percent) of the total ridership are students. Eighty-six percent of LA bus commuters speak English as a first or second language. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language, and persons of Hispanic/Latino origin or descent account for over half (52 percent) of riders.

The average Los Angeles bus commuter rides 4 days per week and spends a total of 1 hour and 34 minutes on board per day.

Transit TV screens seem to standout on the buses with 88 percent of travelers having noticed the video displays on a bus in the past week, and nearly three quarters (73 percent) say they actively watch the programming on some or all of their rides. News and weather were the most commonly recalled programming and 42 percent of riders said they consider Transit TV to be one of their regular sources for news and weather information.

Among those who watched the network during their commute, 8 out 10 could remember at least one of the six surveyed commercials aired that day on an aided basis. One of the ads tested was for a non-existent company called Transit Date. Commercials for the fictitious dating service, promising a love match for LA commuters, ran two times per hour exclusively on Transit TV during the test period; yet over half (57 percent) of those who watched Transit TV that day remembered seeing an ad for the fictional brand.

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