Despite many marketers' belief that a brand's emotional benefits are important to consumers, nearly two-thirds of brand messages focus on the brand's rational/functional elements.


Velocity is a strong word. If you're into words - it's a good word. It's started to make its way into our industry lexicon, most often as a way to reference the velocity of data traveling through systems,  ready for our  analysis, as we consider the performance of our media assets.

According to an Econsultancy survey on consumer attitudes toward advertising, familiarity may breed contempt.

The Arizona immigration law has caused quite a reaction all around the nation. From peaceful protests, to closed door political meetings and even students withdrawing from Arizona universities, its implications and overall impact on America are clearly visible. However, as we always do with Moments to CultuRise, what does this law imply for overall Marketing and business? This video log explores some of the facts and figures behind the Hispanic market in Arizona and also dives into potential opportunities for companies to demonstrate commitment, respect and drive differentiation through inclusion in these times of modern segregation. I also recommend you read Major Michael Bloombergs recent article published on the NY Daily News How Arizona Law will hurt America for an overall economic perspective on this law.

By Liliana Gil, Cultural Intelligence| Managing Partner (AG-XL Alliance)

For the past 20 years I’ve helped to create relevance for companies interested in targeting the booming Hispanic market, and I’ve lost countless nights of sleep over these nine words, “They are being reached by your general market media.” Not only have I lost sleep, but more importantly my clients and yours have frequently lost the opportunity to efficiently extend their budgets by spending incremental dollars where they would provide the greatest lift, i.e. targeting new consumers that are dramatically under-delivered by general market media.

So, to all of my colleagues working in Hispanic marketing that have been expressing outrage over the recent trend of non-Hispanic agencies pursuing, and in some cases winning, choice Hispanic assignments, forgive what I’m about to say. By Joe Castro / Zubi Advertising. Available at

A debate has raged on whether or not digital is a branding medium. I for one think it's a ridiculous debate. All bias aside on what the proper way to do brand advertising on the Internet is, how can a medium so rich, engaging and massive not be a perfect branding channel? And yet a majority of digital marketing activities focus on the lowest portion of the purchase funnel (direct response) because it is the most measurable, where branding efforts are much harder to define. I think the point marketers are missing is that it doesn't have to be one or the other in digital. In fact, in digital media one marketing unit can address the entire funnel.

From consumer insights to trends in entertainment and pop culture, Moments to CultuRise serves as a destination to empower CEO's, CMO's and business leaders with relevant market knowledge. Featuring one to two minute cultural intelligence vignettes, the channel offers a weekly boost of timely knowledge for executives and marketers wanting to stay current with the fastest growing consumer segment in the U.S: Hispanics and multicultural audiences. The channel brings to life current stories, case studies and thought provoking matters of Multicultural America today that educate, inspire and even entertain the viewers with relevancy. Hosted by former Johnson & Johnson executive and known industry expert and speaker Liliana Gil, this channel will redefine the way you plan and shape business strategies today.

I think it's safe to say that most people who purchase and recommend products, services and brand experiences like yours are fairly capable when it comes to using computers, Web applications and mobile phones. Wouldn't you agree? Yet many marketers are way behind the times when it comes to integrating email with other complementary messaging channels. Available at

Watch out if you’re a traditional ad agency with a limited suite of standardized creative and media services. You’re likely to have less budget, control and influence with your client. According to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council’s latest State of Marketing Report, corporate marketers expect to become less dependent on agencies and more self-sufficient with their own internal digital marketing infrastructures, talents and go-to-market capabilities. Available on

VisionEdge Marketing in association with Marketo announced the results of its ninth annual Marketing Performance Management and Measurement (MPM) Survey. Over four hundred business and marketing executives and professionals responded to the online study conducted mid-February through mid-March. The results indicate that marketing organizations are focused more on managing metrics than managing performance. Even so, marketing professionals are making strides in moving from talking about MPM to putting it into practice. Available on

Gerson Lehrman Group released a report authored by a member of its expert network that uncovers a significant gap between the expectations of marketing professionals and the actual performance of the marketing agencies they hire. The report, Closing the CMO / Agency Gap: How Agencies Can Win Business and Build Stronger Client Relationships, is based on a survey of more than 80 senior marketing executives from a range of industries who are members of Gerson Lehrman Group's expert network. The survey examines the knowledge that marketing professionals expect from their agencies during both the pitch process and after agencies are hired. AVAILABLE on

Triad Digital Media represents a unique but growing niche known as retail online media. The company creates custom and targeted content for e-commerce sites and marketers that attract consumers to digital storefronts. The goal is to deliver online and offline sales. CEO Greg Murtagh spoke with eMarketer about consumer packaged goods marketers segueing into online direct sales and the key issues involved in that transition. By Greg Murtagh - CEO / Triad Digital Media. Available on

There's a new breed of mom, and she's here to stay.

She's a savvy, price-comparison shopper who uses technology, offline media and, most of all, her peers to stretch her buying dollar. She was once only a mom on a budget but the recent shift in economic climate generated a conversion of moms from disposable income queens to coupon divas.

I don't get it.

Why is it so difficult for everyone in our industry to develop a measurement for engagement? Our business has so much data available; it's not a matter of finding the data, it's just a matter of finding the right data that you can work with.

There are many different reasons someone may or may not purchase something. One reason may be the advertisements for a certain brand. Over one-third of Americans (35%) say that they have chosen not to purchase a certain brand because they find the ads distasteful and an additional 22% say they not done this, but have thought of doing so. More than two in five Americans (43%) say they have never done this.