Email is not direct mail.

"Duh," you might be saying if you are an experienced email marketer. But I've noticed a continuing increase of marketers with direct mail or other offline backgrounds entering the email world, and who seem to be surprised at the differences.

The Ballantine Corporation announced the release of their 2008 direct mail control report that analyzes what's working and what's not for direct mail formats.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) released “The Integrated Marketing Media Mix,” a report designed to fill the gap between how marketers use media in integrated campaigns and their growing importance within the greater direct marketing community.

ADS Direct Media announced the implementation of a wholly owned and developed GPS system that will allow the company to monitor all of their distribution personnel in the field.

PowerDirect announced their introduction of PowerShopper (Comprador Poderoso), a new, monthly, bilingual door hanger.

Tough times and technology advancements portend a coupon usage renaissance among U.S. shoppers, based on survey results released by ICOM Information Communications (ICOM).

Ever since Michael Dell began selling custom-built computers directly to customers, increasing numbers of consumers and businesses alike have been purchasing their computers, electronics, and instruments without the aid of a middleman.

Vertis Communications announced the results of its proprietary Vertis Customer Focus 2008: Retail study, which reveals that 47 percent of Americans believe inserts and circulars are the advertising vehicles that best capture their attention; a 9 percent increase since 2003. The data also shows that inserts and circulars have overcome
television advertising as the medium most able to elicit consumer attention.

Latin-Pak. Latin-Pak announced that it is now offering Hispanic Mobile Advertising. Latin-Pak is now getting clients messages directly into the hands of Hispanic consumers via SMS, WAP and MMS format mobile marketing.

Doctors, hospitals, health maintenance organizations, and medical equipment companies survive by acquiring and maintaining relationships with patients, members, and customers.

Auto retailers who spent $7.3 billion on direct marketing campaigns in 2007 saw it drive $248.1 billion in sales. The return on investment of $33.81 is just one astounding statistic among many that may make auto industry direct marketers gear up and review the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) first-ever “Direct Marketing Facts and Figures in the Automotive Industry.”

Valassis is launching a new consumer brand campaign, RedPlum, in order to provide its customers a more user-friendly way to identify Valassis-delivered products distributed via mailbox, doorstep, newspaper, in-store and online.

The Marx Promotion Intelligence 2007 FSI Distribution Trends Report reports that more than 197 billion pages containing 257 billion consumer offers representing over $320 billion in consumer incentives were delivered through Free Standing Insert (FSI) coupons in Sunday newspapers during 2007. Average Face Value increased to a new record level of $1.26, up $0.07 versus 2006.

Vertis Communications unveiled the results of its proprietary 2007 Customer Focus Tech Savvy study, which found responsiveness to direct mail via the Internet has increased over the years for both men and women of almost every age.

Vertis Communications named Oscar Padilla as the new director of interactive services. Bringing extensive industry experience and a strong background in marketing to Vertis, Padilla will be responsible for directing and executing the company's new media strategy.