CityReach Latino launches a non-traditional outdoor/out-of-home (OOH) media network to target the fastest growing ethnic segment with its fleet of dynamic Rolling Smart Boards. CityReach Latino combines the power of street-level marketing into high-density ethnic zip codes with the footprint of a national reach.

Nielsen Monitor-Plus announced an enhancement in its outdoor advertising measurement service.

Clear Channel Outdoor is expanding its focus on serving the fast-growing U.S. Hispanic and African American population. Clear Channel Outdoor launched a Multicultural Sales and Marketing Initiative, leveraging the company's presence in the nation's largest Hispanic and African American markets.

Arbitron Inc. released a custom report, commissioned by CoolSign Digital Media Networks, which examines company's digital video and audio advertising displays, the profile of its audience and its effectiveness in the mall environment.

Highlights of the reports findings include:

Viacom Outdoor Latino has created two new positions it was announced today by Arthur R. Rockwell, Vice President, Sales. These positions will be tasked with growing Hispanic out-of-home media billing on the West Coast and in the Northeast.

Viacom Outdoor Latino has been enlisted to launch the largest ever Hispanic out-of-home media campaign in the San Francisco/ San Jose market for the launch of KRZZ "La Raza 93.3," it was announced by Arthur Rockwell, Vice President of Sales for Viacom Outdoor Latino.

Viacom Outdoor Latino, a division of Viacom Outdoor specializing in out of home Hispanic media, announced it has signed the 21st Century Insurance Group to a limited outdoor media contract in Chicago targeting the Latino market.

Arbitron Inc. is realigning its Outdoor Division to strengthen its current and future customer support operations, enhance product development and improve marketing capabilities.

Pocket Billboards and IDT Corporation announced the launch of a telephone calling card based advertising program. The program places print advertising on IDT pre-paid calling cards and features interactive audio messages that are linked to the calling card’s voice prompt directions. Pocket Billboards is a media company that uses calling cards as an advertising and marketing medium.

Foote Cone & Belding (FCB), Irvine, Calif., selected Dastmalchi, Newport Beach, Calif., as its mobile marketing agency for the Taco Bell Los Angeles field account. During the month of August, Dastmalchi's bilingual mobile marketing crew will travel in customized vehicles throughout the Los Angeles DMA promoting Taco Bell's "Late Night" message and their exclusive new Mountain Dew Baja Blast beverage.

The Podiatric Physician Association of Puerto Rico (SMPPR, in Spanish), recently launched the awareness campaign: "El calor de la temporada". Dr. Ricardo Jaen, SMP's Director of Communications said the purpose of the Campaign is to alert the public of the importance of properly podiatric care to avoid foot conditions that may interfere with summer activities and the Back-to-School (and Back-to-work).

HSBC Bank USA, N.A. has unveiled a live 3-D billboard as part of a campaign designed to promote the bank’s new Hispanic-focused products and services. Extending from the billboard is a bench on which a person will sit and ponder the question, “Do you want a better bank?”

Budweiser has launched an anti-drug billboard campaign that promotes drinking instead. The question here is alcohol better than drugs?

Despite the spread of advertising messages to nearly every setting in contemporary America, attracting the attention of the elusive male audience has always been a challenge, The men's room offers one relatively untouched ad vehicle that just about everyone who enters it faces: the urinal.

Volvo announced its sponsorship of Catalina magazine’s 2004 “Groundbreaking Latina in Leadership” award. The partnership celebrates the exceptional volunteer efforts and leadership skills of Latina community leaders across the country.