March 25, 2009

       Let's not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. A crisis can be a real blessing to any person, to any nation. For all crises bring progress.

Creativity is born from anguish, just like the day is born form the dark night. It's in crisis that inventive is born, as well as discoveries, and big strategies. Who overcomes crisis, overcomes himself, without getting overcome. Who blames his failure to a crisis neglects his own talent, and is more respectful to problems than to solutions. Incompetence is the true crisis.

The greatest inconvenience of people and nations is the laziness with which they attempt to find the solutions to their problems. There's no challenge without a crisis. Without challenges, life becomes a routine, a slow agony. There’s no merit without crisis. It's in the crisis where we can show the very best in us. Without a crisis, any wind becomes a tender touch. To speak about a crisis is to promote it. Not to speak about it is to exalt conformism. Let us work hard instead.

Let us stop, once and for all, the menacing crisis that represents the tragedy of not being willing to overcome it.

What are your thoughts?


Este mensaje, del sabio Albert Einstesin, nos comunica que es parte de nuestro desarrollo el tener crisis. Según manejemos nuestras crisis asà será el resultado que obtengamos de ella. En estos dÃas de crisis económica que impactan cada sector y clase social deben salir iniciativas que nos recuerden nuestro poder de cambio, de evolución. En Puerto Rico se encuentra la campaña Vamo' Puerto Rico. El objetivo de esta campaña es subir la autoestima y moral de los puertorriqueños. Se incita a no dejarnos caer y dar lo mejor de uno para sacar a Puerto Rico del estancamiento económico. Iniciativas como esta nos recuerdan la visión del sabio Albert Einstein.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.” …Albert Einstein Hurricane Ike was a level two storm. It’s a good thing because driving around the day after it looked like more like a level four. Some parts of Houston are still in shambles and will have to be demolished. Having lived through my first hurricane I see many parallels in our current advertising storm. 1.We had advance warning that it was going to hit. The newspaper industry I currently work in has had more than one decade of scholarly forecasts of this storm. 2.The storm took out utilities and fuel forcing us to get back to basics. We got to know our neighbors, we became frugal, we conserved, and we stayed glued to our battery operated radio for news. We text messaged only critical updates to our friends and family knowing we were living on borrowed battery life. Companies are cutting back drastically their ad budgets just like we cut back on what we considered necessities. 3.The storm was democratic it did not single any one neighborhood over another. The destruction was massive in all parts of the city and some still are. All media has been hit equally. My friends in other media are in the same condition. 4.Little by little we got our services back and we rejoiced to be able to fill up our vehicles without having to wait for a day in long lines. In the same way, life goes on and after the storm all surviving media will still be consumed. Advertisers and national brands will still need to tell their community and the nation they are still around. The only fearful time was during the storm not knowing if we were going to be hurt or survive. Some ad agencies and media properties are in this phase now. After the storm we took inventory of our situation, identified what we needed and needed to do and went about our business. Now is the time to make things simple. As a life long fan of Einstein, he said it best. “All things should be only as complicated as they need to be.”

Crisis is a part of life, weather you're american, african american or hispanic. Like Albert Einstein said, it is out of the dark that the day is born. However, emerging from a crisis is not always easy, no matter how hard you work. One example of this is the most recent case where houses were taken away from immigrants. This was because since they weren't legal the first years they had to pay their house with certain interaste rate, but after those years the rate went up dramatically almost doubling the price the homeowners had to pay. This created a crisis with the homeowners who now had no form of paying their home and were evicted and with the banks, that now had a lot of homes that weren't being paid. This crisis was the banks fault, since they should've decresed the taxes or mantain them the same since the homeowners were paying in time. The homeowners had no way to avoid this and it is a sad situation where hard workers lose their homes because of someone else's greed.

Este mensaje nos habla sobre la crisis, nos dice que las crisis de cierta manera pueden ser favorable porque nos hacen ser mas creativos y nos ayuda a crear nuevas estrategias. Ante una crisis el ser humano crea la capacidad de solucionar el problema que se le presente. Y de tener el valor de supera las diferentes crisis que estemos viviendo. las crisis hoy en dia van en aumento y solo tenemos que tener el valor para enfrentarlas.

It is as Einstein says, these days people are too lazy to try, to lazy to see the oportunity of the bright future that might wait ahead. If we dont fight and work for a better future, there will not be one. If we dont start by educating people, (not just our children, but our adults and elders too) the change that will overcome us will not be something we should look forward to. It is as Einstein says, crisis is an opportunity to change, to change all we've done wrong and make it right to improve the chances of a better future. Crisis doesn't need to be a negative word, it is what you make it to be.

Bueno, y cual es la solucion a todo esto? Mafalda una vez dijo "¿POR DONDE HAY QUE EMPUJAR ESTE PAIS PARA LLEVARLO ADELANTE?...hablamos de crisis y sus ciclos, hablamos de un futuro porvenir y hablamos de trabajar juntos. Cuando vamos a hablar de soluciones?

Crisis, what crisis??? I believe laziness gets the best part of our society, for many crisis means the answer for doing nothing. Why look for a job if there none?? Every economy has its ups and downs but it is our ability to rise that is important. Like Einstein says: "There no challenge without a crisis". In the world of advertising I believe when the resources are limited ideas get way more creative, is more of a challenge its gets more creative and unique. This is not the first time that we have this "crisis" and were still here. We need to change and that involves everyone of us working hard not only for our own benefit but for the benefit of all.

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