May 12, 2001

America Online Latin America, Inc. announced an expansion of the AOL service in Puerto Rico, bringing local dial-up access to consumers across the Island.

Consumers in Puerto Rico can now access AOL for the cost of a local telephone call, without having to pay additional access surcharges. This expansion of the AOL network, which now covers more than 90% of Island residents and all major metropolitan areas, represents an important step in making the AOL interactive experience an integral part of Puerto Rican consumers' everyday lives.

Charles Herington, President and CEO of AOL Latin America, said: "AOL Latin America is pleased to announce this network expansion, allowing consumers across Puerto Rico to enjoy the AOL interactive experience through the expanded local dial-up network. This expansion highlights AOL Latin America's strong commitment to the Puerto Rican marketplace and to continuing to build on our strong momentum, as underscored by our recent achievement of the 750,000 member milestone."

Ramon Magual, General Manager of the AOL service in Puerto Rico, said: "The AOL service in Puerto Rico offers consumers across the Island a mix of local, regional and US content, as well as AOL's latest 6.0 software, round-the-clock bilingual member services and access to AOL's global community of 29 million members. Our network expansion demonstrates AOL Latin America's commitment to bringing Puerto Rican consumers the best possible interactive experience, with a uniquely tailored product built upon AOL's hallmark ease of use and convenience."

Puerto Rican members will see a customized channel bar when they log on, highlighting local content available on five customized channels: Noticias, Deportes, Entretenimiento, Guia Local and Internacional.

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