July 12, 2004

New York City based Ambassador Yellow Pages, founded in 1999, has announced that it will launch Manhattan's first major stand-alone Spanish language directory, Manhattan Paginas Amarillas in Spring 2005.

"The Spanish-speaking market place in New York City is vital, vibrant, expanding and currently underserved," reports Kathy Hipple, the company's CEO. "Our goal is to offer a comprehensive Manhattan directory in Spanish that will serve the Spanish-speaking community and allow businesses to target the Hispanic market in Manhattan."

Ambassador Yellow Pages is no stranger to the Yellow Page business in New York City or to publishing in Spanish. Ambassador has established a significant market share in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, all with directories in English.

This year, Ambassador successfully launched a complete distribution Bronx directory with a Spanish/English "flip-book" format. Ambassador broke their competitor's hundred-year stranglehold monopoly in The Bronx, where their bilingual book has been an overwhelming success.

"The Greater New York Metropolitan Area is home to approximately 10 million people," says Hipple. "Latinos account for roughly one person in ten, making it a million person market. A significant number of these people want quick access to information and would rather get that information in their language of choice which is Spanish."

The company has spent a good deal of time planning their entree into this market and has developed strategic alliances to assure them of significant penetration there.

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