Círculo Creativo USA announced today that Flor Leibaschoff has been elected as its new President for the 2021-22 term.

Creative quality is the most efficient route to brand impact. So why is creative testing often excluded from brand tracking? Especially during COVID-19?

In recognition of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month during March, LERMA launched the #SafeWordColonoscopy campaign. The awareness campaign, which began on March 1, used magical acts, radio public service announcements (PSAs), billboards and social media to spread the word about the importance of people getting colonoscopies to save lives.

In this video made for EffWeek, Paul Feldwick lays out the argument behind his upcoming book, Why Does the Pedlar Sing? When it comes to creativity, Feldwick asserts, advertising has lost its way. Rather than seeking to be popular with a broad audience, he suggests that all too often advertising is created to win the approbation of those dishing out advertising awards.  By Nigel Hollis

2021 memberships for Círculo Creativo USA are now open. There are some major changes in next year’s membership model. Before, there were 2 types of memberships: individual and corporate. Now agency, individual,  production and post-production house memberships are available.

The events of 2020 have been a catalyst for a focus on humanity over technology

Advertisers are realizing anew that where their ad appears is just as important as what the ad says.

TIGHT5, a non-profit organization and online community for emerging writers, has launched the first of its online screenwriting competitions, in short-form storytelling, to encourage, enlighten and empower people of color to find and develop their authentic voice.

Slashed budgets, layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, social and political turmoil –  the pandemic is adding additional pressures to the already fast-moving modern media landscape. Amongst this chaos, brands can struggle to develop advertising with appropriate tone and relevant emotional messaging for their audiences. In an environment of heightened tension, connecting with audiences through advertising that showcases creativity and emotional sensitivity may be more important now, than ever before.

Now I understand the LatinX phenomena .......

INFUSION has been in a whirlwind since Covid hit, except instead of struggling with clients, they are struggling to keep up with increased Client work demands and new business pitches accelerated by ‘Black and Brown lives matter’ and the 2020 Census which underscore the Multicultural marketing business imperative.

Five steps to establishing a strategic production-spend management program

The long-awaited kiss can be widely seen in outdoor and print advertising as well as in Burger King’s own channels and restaurants around Finland during Helsinki Pride Week.

Do you remember the big productions in Los Angeles, when the agency stayed at Shutters? Do you remember the big productions? Do you remember those three-hour flights each way, to attend a 90-minute new business meeting? Do you remember when you had to wear pants for a meeting with a CMO? I don’t.   By Aldo Quevedo - Principal, Creative Director, LERMA/

In the age of cultural-messaging, there is no room for error when it comes for brands to recognize and acknowledge Latina-mom-segments based on who they are, even more if they want to engage with them in their own terms. But, are brands culturally engaging with Latina moms?  By Claudio Perez-Korinko