The Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) announced the jury for the HMC Strategic Excellence Awards, the only award of its kind that honors multicultural strategic thinking and cultural competence in marketing. Led by jury president Maurice Cooper, senior VP of marketing at Target, the roster features executives representing Hispanic marketing, media and digital agencies, as well as key client leaders.

Empathy is not just another tick-the-box exercise

If you ask a CMO, "Who is your target consumer?" there's a high probability the answer will be "Millennials or Gen-Zers.”  One of the characteristics that distinguish these demographic cohorts is that these are the most multicultural generations we have ever seen in the United States. It is estimated that almost half of all Gen-Zers and 44% of Millennials are from a multicultural background. Together, these two groups represent nearly 42% of the country's population.  By Isaac Mizrahi - Co-President of ALMA Agency

In today's times, brands are expected to be more than a logo. Consumers expect them to take action- to show their authentic worth. While many things have changed, the core pillars of brand building have not. In this episode, Managing Director of GfK Marketing Effectiveness, Eric Villain, explains the true need for a healthy brand and what you need to get there. How can brands create meaningful connections with their consumers?

What experts say is that the ROI from social media has to be rated at 5 as the networking is virtually free of cost. What they do not understand is that there is a cost on time invested and people deployed.

To promote diversity in their ad campaigns, brands and agencies have to practice what they preach

In ‘The 5 habits of highly effective advertisers’, we highlighted that inclusion and diversity is one of the ingredients, or creative devices, used by brands to make their ads both creative and effective.

America is undergoing an extreme makeover, thanks to rapid demographic diversification.

Latino consumers continue to outpace the general market in technology use. This trend is driven primarily by the youth of this demographic. Nearly six in ten Hispanics are Millennials or younger, and Gen Z is the first majority-minority generation. These generations are digital natives and thrive on the mobile experience, which impacts how they interact with e-commerce, social media, and entertainment.

It's important for brands to use discretion when attaching themselves to social media trends and challenges, and not leverage moments that could hurt customers or damage a brand.

Each year, WARC, the global authority on effective marketing, tracks the results of the top global and regional award shows for creativity, media and effectiveness for the WARC Rankings, the ultimate benchmark for advertising.

Multicultural is the new mainstream. Is health marketing ready to seize the moment?

To attain efficient growth impact, marketers seek to connect with multicultural segments in relevant and accurate ways that don't perpetuate negative or false stereotypes.

So, what does work with this first multicultural majority generation? A recent study by the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) found that price point alone is not enough with 92 percent of Gen Zers and their parents, who agreed that one or more things matter more than price. Brand trust and style were most important to young Gen Zers.  By: Nancy Tellet, Research Chair, Hispanic Marketing Council

The latest Edelman Trust Barometer study may portend structural changes in how brands communicate with their audiences