A new Nielsen study commissioned by The Southern California Broadcasters Association demonstrates the power of impressions for the radio industry.  These findings show that agencies are increasingly using impressions to evaluate media, and the usefulness of impressions to evaluate radio and digital using a common metric.

The report, which covers statistics for the 2019–20 TV season, tracks racial and gender diversity among key job categories, as well as ratings and social media engagement for 461 scripted shows across 50 broadcast, cable and streaming providers.

Like everyone, Hollywood studios had to get creative in 2020. UCLA’s latest Hollywood Diversity Report, published today by the UCLA College Division of Social Sciences, shows that 54.6% of the top films of 2020 were released solely via streaming subscription services, a major departure from business as usual.

Nielsen continues to dedicate itself to telling the story of the power of Black audiences, their diversity, and the representation of the collective Black community. According to "Seeing and Believing: Meeting Black audience demand for representation that matters," the newest report in Nielsen's Diverse Intelligence Series, the U.S. Black population has a complex and powerful legacy that continues to shape countries and cultures around the world. Yet, when it comes to representation in media, the complexity that creates the richness of their experience is often lost, and when present, undervalued.

NBCUniversal, MAGNA, and Identity revealed Deconstructing Diversity Today, a new research study that explores the full spectrum of diversity, and the role that brands play in acknowledging and amplifying cultural identification. The study flips the script on outdated cultural archetypes, and reveals the multifaceted and fluid nature of how people identify today. The study also outlines tangible next steps that marketers can take to connect with multicultural audiences in authentic, culturally-relevant ways

There’s been a lot of energy and excitement in media circles of late about the future of measurement and the promise of big data. At Nielsen, we’ve long understood the value of big data, in fact just last month we announced additional details around how we are adding it to our national TV measurement service.

Consumer confidence among U.S. Hispanics remained mostly stable in the third quarter, despite the supply-chain crisis, increased labor movement activities, and other economic turmoil.

Nielsen unveiled a new brand campaign, including a new identity, reflecting the company’s transformation of its culture and a redefined strategy focused solely on the global future of media. Nielsen’s new look and feel represents a commitment to innovation and the company’s role and purpose of powering a better media future for all people.

Consumer confidence has dropped by 4.2 points over the past seven days to read at 53.6 in this week’s Ipsos-Forbes Advisor U.S. Consumer Confidence Tracker. Sentiment is now exactly on par with the pandemic average and is at its lowest level since February 24, eight months ago.

How consumers are planning to spend heading into 2022

Claritas  releases its annual U.S. Hispanic Market Report. On this episode of The Marketing Insider, popular guest Ron Cohen, VP of Practice Leadership at Claritas, joins us to talk facts and figures.

Growth in the number of U.S. households during the 2010s slowed to its lowest pace in history, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly released 2020 census data.

Over the past decade, Hispanic Americans were the primary driver of labor force growth, registered above-average income gains, and accounted for a growing share of spending. Recent trends suggest Hispanics are likely to exert an even greater influence on growth over the coming decade.

Frustration with cumbersome and repetitive authentication processes are overwhelmingly causing consumers to search for brands and digital experiences that securely unify and simplify identity verification, according to a new report by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network and CMO Council, entitled “Authentication Frustration. How Companies Lose Customers in The Digital Age.”

Why accessing, activating, and respecting data may not be as incompatible as you think