Online US kids, teenagers, and young adults aged 8 to 21 spent $2.4 billion on gifts for others during the 2000 holiday period.

The number of American adults with Internet access grew by 16 million in the last six months of 2000, as women, minorities, and families with modest incomes continued to surge online.

Hispanics and Asians in America are more likely to be online at home than Caucasians and African-Americans, and over the next five years their Internet penetration rates will grow several times faster than the rest of the population, says a new market research report by Insight Research.

Univision Online, Inc. together with Countrywide Home Loans Inc. and Fannie Mae announced the launch of "Casa," a new channel on

Univision Online, Inc. and General Motors Corporation announced an online, one-year strategic marketing alliance.

When a TV and a PC interact during primetime, the PC is four times more likely to hold consumers' attention than the TV, according to a just-released report from Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI).

Large companies increased their weekly online ad impressions from 30 million to 37 million during the fourth quarter of 2000 but the online advertising market is still dominated by small and mid-size companies who tend to be dot.coms, according to AdRelevance, a Jupiter Media Metrix.

According to the new eLatin America Report, Brazil's 3.9 million internet users accounts for 40% of the region's total internet usage, which is, by far, the most of any country.

Media Metrix reports that media players now are installed on 99 percent of U.S. home PCs, enabling these computers to deliver both online and offline digital-audio and video to consumers.

Promotional e-mail delivery will emerge over the next two years as a new revenue stream for large portals, ISPs and Web-mail providers as they exert greater control over e-mail passed between marketers and consumers, according to a new report released by Jupiter Research.

LCS Golf, Inc. announced that iFusion has signed an agreement with Telemundo to provide database management services and email marketing/direct marketing solutions for their South Florida markets.

Top Internet leaders Aberdeen Research Group, Alta Vista, Arbitron, comScore, DoubleClick, eMarketer, Gartner Group, Greenfield Online, Motorola, NetRatings, NetZero, Nielsen Media Research, OlgilvyOne, PC Data, Radiate, WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive, Word of Net, Yahoo!, Ziff Davis, 24/7Me

The Internet Economy has grown more rapidly than anyone could have envisioned even five years ago, opening up new vistas of communication, collaboration and coordination between consumers, businesses and trading partners.

During the holiday season, the Internet was used by more Americans to celebrate and socialize than it was to make purchases.